aema-footer-logoAfrican Economic Merit Awards

is aimed at awarding successful African Entrepreneurs, celebrating and rewarding recognized and unrecognized NGOs that have contributed immensely to the development of communities through humanitarian and empowerment initiatives. African Economic Merit Awards is driven by young professionals to promote innovative ideas for entrepreneurial, economic and social development to all Africans.

African Economic Merit Awards is aimed at boosting economic growth in African communities by uniting the successful business entrepreneurs with the latent talents. Enriching the soil and giving hope to Africans with Agricultural, Educational, Technology and Business initiatives.

We are working towards giving hope to Africans who have given up the creative ideas and business skills to power ideas of craftsmanship into a successful future.

We aim to make a difference in Africa as a whole by improving relationship between successful African leaders and the young African entrepreneurs. We are working diligently in linking our in-depth knowledge in economic growth in Education, Agriculture, Technology and Health with the needs of our people at the grassroots.

Awarding to develop people in communities across Africa and to serve the people, for the growth of Africa society into a greater fulfilled continent.

The granting of African Economic Merit Awards (AEMA) will result to significant continent recognition and will serve as an incentive to keep the African business in the line of global competitive growth.


  • Encourage and stimulate the international business community to power growth in the grassroots to adopt ethical business / entrepreneurial standard.
  • Raise awareness among business leaders and employees on recognising local creative and productive minds.
  • Create a responsive platform that acknowledges good practices and spurs action.
  • Set quality standards and benchmark by showcasing some of the breakthroughs made by business leaders in achieving theirs goals and impacting lives.


Ruth Best

Head, Tourism/International Affairs

Guerlaine Guerrier

Head, African Diaspora

Efemena Silva

Kenya Country Director