The award jury is composed of individuals of high moral stature with demonstrated commitment to the ideals of African Business ad who have distinguished their respective careers.

The jury will function as an independent body and will be responsible for the selection of the nominee(s) for each award cycle. The decisions taken by the jury will be final.

An advisory committee will support the work of the jury and the secretariat by providing advice and guidance on the development of the award programme. The advisory committee will be composed of experts representing a variety of sectors (international organisations, NGOs, foundations and corporations) who specialize in education, business/management, legal practice and corporate social responsibility)

The main function of the Advisory Committee is to support the jury in making an informed decision on the nominees of the award. The committee will oversee the nomination and selection process, including establishing procedures, defining eligibility-based on a pre-determined evaluation criteria – and conducting an initial of evaluation nominees. They will work to secure stakeholder buy-in of the award and disseminate information to a wide audience using their communication channels and networks.