The award programme will consider nominations of known and unknown leaders who have proven that they have a vision and commitment to pioneer growth in Africa and who will fulfil any of all of the criteria.

  • African Leader that has led a socially responsible employment initiative: conceptualization and successful realization of a good business practice which has affected a positive change towards prevention and support to victims of unemployment.
  • The leader that can demonstrate the influence he or she has had on different levels of company’s business management and operations in identifying, combating and preventing exploitation: innovation in corporate policies and practices, dealing with human productivity issues including responses to grassroots initiatives.
  • Leader that has successfully engaged a wider community/audience in developmental oriented programmes. Brought to fruition an outcome which benefits the most vulnerable of persons, such as the creation of jobs, entrepreneurial skills, support shelters, educational, health, agricultural and information programmes, IT solutions and so on.



  1. The Business Ethical Principles
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility Principles
  3. Other International Instruments on Economy